About me

IMG_0377Hi, I am Zara, writing for me is a representation of our footprints through the journey of life, based on experiences be it ours or others, even when we are no more.

I’m currently an MBA student at Keimyung University, South Korea. I formerly worked as an educator and volunteer for a community-based organization.

I am a history buff as well with a fascination with watching historical and period movies. I think the 70s is the most amazing decade of all time sounds strange right never lived in that period but from what I have read, seen and heard about this decade it sounds like it was all colors, swag and funky clothing.

Join me on this journey of growth and self-discovery as I share my thoughts on the world, human nature, my experiences, social observations as I maneuver through the world as well as give you info about any genre of book I’m reading which I would like you guys to read as well.

Welcome to my wall of words.

Zara Wallace.

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