Freedom, people have been fighting and dying for this idea, way of life and continue to pursue this concept in its diverse manifestations as free will and free thought for as long as mankind has existed. Some call it rights, a time of peace or even independence. This one word can mean so many things... Continue Reading →

Handbook of The Insecure

Whether we choose to admit it or not our experiences as children shape our adult life in so many ways. Most of our insecurities as adults are usually deeply seated vaults, closed in the farthest regions of our minds. To some, it may be matters concerning abuse ( all forms of it as a child)... Continue Reading →


Hunger can mean so many things to different people based on their circumstances. The standard definition of Hunger that we all know and feel occasionally is the lack of sustenance to meet our basic nutritional needs, going without food for a long period or yet still hunger is when our brains tell us it’s time... Continue Reading →

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